Feelin Guilty

Stuck in some place then trying to erase something in my head, to start it again, going back to the past and fixed it but i don’t know how to make it. That why i need you, someone in my life to teach me how to close all the bad thing and how to create a good thing for me and for people that i love.

You !!! just you in my mind now!! but you not the right one, cause you not belong to me, but for somebody else who already took you for the first time and seem that people love you more that i love you.

I hate this situation,but  i don’t wanna lose you and you go away from my life, if there is a toxic to kill my feeling to you, i’ll take it and put it to my mouth.

There is no place to tell my story, i sure all of them will hate me and don’t wanna be my friend anymore if they know this problem, this is about life Principe and you came to me with your warmly smile and good personality and you so kindly. Damn..!!!! what should i do with my feeling now ??


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