1 Extra Day Extension

Pantesan, tadi pagi sampai siang menerima banyak komplain tentang tidak tersedianya halaman blog saya di daftar blogger asia pasifik. padahal saya termasuk ke dalam 25 besar peraih voter terbanyak, dan dipastikan lolos ke babak penjurian, huhahuhahuhahuha 😀

The Big Blog Exchange

Unfortunately, we were attacked by a spammer yesterday – resulting in many bloggers having their entries temporarily taken down from the site (although any votes during this time, will still have been counted). Our developers were working hard to fix this problem, however it took a little longer than expected – so we have proposed to give bloggers an extension in order to get those last few votes in.

We want to apologize for this technical issue, and to all those bloggers who had been reported by this spammer. We have now removed the ‘report for abuse’ button so that this problem does not happen again, and the voting will now close on the 16th April 2013 at 12pm GMT rather than today.

Please do not worry, your votes have not been lost, your entry should be exactly the same as before.

We hope this helps, thank you for notifying…

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4 thoughts on “1 Extra Day Extension

  1. I just wanted to say congratulations on being a finalist in the Exchange! I wish you the best of luck!

    Cheers from Louisiana!

    1. thank you, i hope they pick us to exchange our life 😀 it’s an honor to know you all in this competition. and i really thank to visit my blog. hope google translate will help us to understand each other 😀

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